Happy 12th birthday Tanner

What a wonderful day to celebrate Tanner! He loves to golf so we invited a few friends to hang out at Top Golf! We all had so much fun and will be celebrating more today as April 15 is his official bday! I will never forget the joy that was added to my life when Tanner arrived 12 years ago. The best day of my life!!! Tanner is the kindest kid you will ever know. He has never said a mean word about anyone on earth! He is softspoken, does not brag, in fact I wish he could “own” how awesome he is, a little more!! He still loves to give and accept hugs from mom, and I don’t think he is too embarrassed of me (yet) lol!! Tanner has so many talents, hard-working, diligent, compassionate, and kind…along with school, sports and so many more!! I love you Tanner. I hope you have an amazing day!?