Nicholas is 18! Happy birthday!

I’m feeling very humbled today. I wish I was better at putting my feelings into words.  I am so proud of Nick and the man he has become!! I can honestly say that he is one of my heros. He is soft spoken, caring, thoughtful, and kind to all he encounters. He has learned the importance of hard work and is diligent and consistent in all that he accomplishes. He was my first born and I’ll never forget the day we brought him home! My life became purposeful! He has brought so much love to my life. I love these last 18 years with my whole heart! I wouldn’t trade all of our experiences, challenges, hopes, and dreams for anything in the universe. I love you Nicholas!! You make me so proud!!! Happy birthday!


Christmas 2016

We Had the most wonderful Christmas this year! This might be our last Christmas all together for many years. Starting this summer I will have 4 boys going on two-year missions at age 18, so one leaving every 2 years. This is just our little family all-together and it makes me so happy. I can’t express in words what these people mean to me. I get selfish and want to keep them all to myself. I count my blessings every day!  I love you boys!!


Nolan earned his EAGLE SCOUT!!

We are so proud of all of your hard work Nolan!! This process took many years to achieve and you did it! As parents we assisted only when he asked for direction or help. This is truly an accomplishment that you should be so proud to have achieved. You can do hard things:) I love you and admire your dedication❤️


Family photos 2016

I love this family of mine.  There is nothing on earth that I am more proud of. I consider this family to be my greatest accomplishment. My hope and prayer is that my boys will grow up knowing that they are amazing human beings and that their Heavenly Father is always there to guide them throughout their lives.